Calls for Proposals for Employment Programs

Service Canada is committed to a fair, transparent, responsive and accountable process for awarding project funding.

A key element is the process for calls for proposals for all contribution projects valued at or above $500,000 per annum. As part of this process, calls for proposals will be posted on this website to facilitate access.

The Calls for Proposals Process

Through the call for proposals process, Service Canada invites interested and qualified applicants to develop a project proposal and to submit an application for funding to carry out activities that meet a community need identified by the Department and that will be funded through one of its contribution programs.

Once all of the applications have been received, they will be assessed and ranked by Service Canada against a predetermined set of criteria which will be clearly outlined in the Guide for Applicants. In determining the highest ranked applicant(s), Service Canada may also consider other factors.

Service Canada reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and will notify all applicants of the outcome of the call for proposal assessment.

This process applies to contributions under the following programs:

  • Employment Assistance Services
  • Labour Market Partnerships (including Youth Awareness)
  • Research and Innovation
  • Self-Employment (agreements with organizations)
  • Career Focus (agreements with organizations) - National Projects
  • Community Coordinators agreements (Skills Development, Targeted Wage Subsidies, Self-Employment)
  • Skills Link (agreements with organizations) - Regional Projects
  • Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities - National Projects

To access information on current and past calls for proposals for your region, including results, simply select your province/territory below: